涞澳设计IADC是一家荣获众多国内、外设计大奖的专业设计公司,由设计师张成喆于2001年在上海创立。自成立以来,公司凭借着专业的设计服务成功完成了数百个设计项目,涵盖建筑、室内和景观等设计领域。十几年来,涞澳设计IADC致力于发挥其独创性和创造力,专注于为客户提供度身定制的设计服务。公司所具有的国际影响力、综合深入的经验,以及详实的行业知识使公司能够敏锐地把握建筑、室内设计和景观设计行业的变化,并对设计趋势和创新做出明确的预测。同时涞澳设计IADC又与意大利知名设计事务所Copersino & Partners建立了长期紧密的合作关系,并将国际一流的设计师及设计作品带到中国 ,融入富有创造性的设计理念,到达国际设计思想与本土人文最完美的融合与平衡。目前涞澳设计IADC拥有20名来自不同国家和背景的专业设计师,他们始终遵循着公司所提倡的不断探索、不断创新的精神,投入其对设计的热情。

About IADC

Founded in 2001 Alessio Zhang,IADC DESIGNERS LTD provides interior, architecture and landscape design services. Since its inception, IADC has completed hundreds of quality projects and as a result won dozens of international awards, like Janus, and Red Dots. IADC prides itself on being unique and creative, and focuses on providing customers with a customized design service. IADC maintains a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with international brands and its clients. IADC has developed its business throughout China in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities, and has received wide praise and attracted the attention of the design industry.
IADC is sensitive to the latest trends of architecture, interior and landscape design, and integrates this sense into its design. In partnership with Italian design firm Copersino & Partners, IADC is working with world-class designers and producing the best design works in China today. Currently IADC boasts more than 20 designers with multi-cultural backgrounds, who provide the perfect balance between international design concept and native culture, which keeps the spirit of exploration and innovation thriving within IADC.


IADC涞澳设计公司创始人 / 首席设计师

Alessio Zhang

The Founder and Chief Designer of
“IADC Designers, Ltd” The Executive Director of ‘International Construction Union’ (ICU) in China
Personal works have been published in many professional and fashionable magazines both at home and abroad. Writes and publishes a design portfolio named ‘Space of ZheSi’
Over the years, Alessio Zhang has been committed to creating an interdisciplinary design platform.



Eva Pan

Lived in Europe for several years and then studied in Italy. Has a Masters in Interior Design & Design Management from Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano. Eva started working as an interior designer in a famous design corporation in Italy. Then, after moving back to Shanghai, she was promoted to Design Director of IADC when it was founded in 2001. Her design projects are located in many major cities in China.
Having flawless style and creative energy, her design is full of modernist spirit and passion. Through the integration of architecture, interior design, interior layout and visual images, each new project is created with a unique sensual charm and joyful space atmosphere.